Day 53: Monday May 5th 2014

STRENGTH:     3 sets of 5 reps of Bench Press @ 65%, 75% and 85%
     3 sets of 6 reps of Pendlay Rows
Met-Con WOD:
“Dirty Thirty”
     30 Box Jumps
     30 Jumping Pullups
     30 Kettlebell swings
     30 Walking Lunges
     30 Knees-to-Elbows
     30 Push Presses 45/35
     30 Back Extensions
     30 Wall Balls
     30 Burpees
    30 Double-Unders

Today we started a new deload week so the weights for the Strength part of the workouts are low, pretty ok actually. It is hard to believe that last week I was using almost my Max. Rep to do some reps and today I had to struggle to do the last two reps of the set of Bench Press at 85%.

For Bench Press I used 100lb, 115lb and 135lb // For Pendlay Rows I only used 95lb.

After the strength part of the workout I started the workout at the same time as Brendan so we pushed each other through the different exercises in the workout. Although it was a pretty okay workout I found the 30 Double Unders and the 30 Wall Balls pretty tough. I also have to say that I will never use the Double Unders rope - I would rather say the wip - again.

No finisher bonus today. Tomorrow there won't be no workout since I had the school track'n'field meeting: 
400m, 400mh and Pole Vault.
Let's see what happens.


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