Day 40: Monday, April 7 2014


     3 sets of 5 reps of Bench Press @ 65%, 75% and 85%

     3 sets of 10 reps of Pendlay Rows (lighter than last week)

Track'n'Field season is coming soon!

Met-Con WOD:

     800m running interval
     25 Thrusters 65/45
     50 Sit Ups
    400m running Interval
     50 Sit Ups
     25 Thrusters 65/45

     800m running Interval

After a couple very tough workouts in a row at the beginning of the last week, we have started to do some pretty cool workouts combining running interval and crossfit exercises. We also ha started our de-load week so our body gets stronger!

I warmed up doing 3x5 Bench Press using 80lb, 85lb and 90lb. 
Then I used 65lb, 75lb and 90lb to do 3x10 Pendlay Rows.

A few minutes after I started with the workout, doing the first 800m interval running at a good pace. Then I started doing the Thrusters using 65lb and without taking any rest from the interval. I went through the 25 thrusters doing 2 sets of 10 and 1 set of 5 reps. No problem with the 50 sit ups and the 400m interval.
My heart was going to explode in my chest when I started with the second set of 50 sit ups.
The same strategy to survive to the second set of thrusters. When I was about half way through the last 800m interval my body has gone down and I had to walk about 200m to be able to jog again.

I gotta say I love this kind of workout!


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