Day 24: Thursday March 6th 2014

Photo: Why I'm going to the gym today....TESTING

Cindy: 20 min AMRAP
    - 5 Pull-Ups
    - 10 Push-Ups
    - 15 Air Squats

Do all max.rep tests that haven't been done yet before start with Cindy.

Todays workout was the test on Cindy (Hard as hell). You have only done 3 minutes and you already want to die and star thinking about the couch that is waiting for you at home and wondering the reason why you decided to sign up in a Cross-Fit Program.

I could say I was lucky today since I had to to my Deadlift and Back Squat max. rep test today instead of Cindy.  I ended up very disappointed with my deadlift max: 275lb

I had no energy left from deadlift and I couldn't even reach my front squat max doing back squats, so I delay my back squat max test for the first day of school after March Break.


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