Day 12: Wednesday 19th , 2014


Working in a group of 4:
3 sets of 8 Bench Press
3 sets of 8 Pendlay Rows
weight should be light, but it can get heavier each set

Met-Con WOD:

5 rounds of the following:
10 Pull-Ups
15 Push Ups
20 Sit Ups
25 Air Squats

After each round run one lap of inner loop

collect 5 minutes of Plank (20-30 seconds at a time)

My legs hurt so bad after yesterday's workout and soccer practice! 
Still using light weight for the strength part:
  • Bench Press: 75lb, 85lb and 95lb
  • Pendlay Row: 75lb 
The workout got harder each loop. I tried to do the running part as fast as possible so it was not rest time.
I was surprised I could do all 5x10 pull-ups without using a rubber band. I also think my legs are going to explode if I do air squats tomorrow.

Looking forward the Max Rep. Test next week!


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