Day 33: Thursday, march 27th 2014

STRENGTH:3 sets of 3 Strict Shoulder Press @ 80%, 85% and 90%

Met-Con WOD:
1 minute at each station
no rest between stations
1 minute rest between rounds

     - Air Squats
     - Hand Release Push Ups
     - Strict Pull Ups
     - Sit to Stand

     - Burpees

Today my legs were fine but it was time for my triceps to hurt like hell. It is the very first time in my life I can feel my triceps tight when I just bend my arms and try to touch my shoulder with my hand. I actually cannot reach them now.

Easy strength part of 3x3 Strict Shoulder Press with 75ln, 80lb and 85lb.

Once everybody was done with their Strict Shoulder Press reps the whole class have done the workout at the same time: 17 endless minutes of intense workout (3x5min, 1 min rest). I started the workout doing Strict Pull Ups, so after that I had to do a terrible combo of Sit to Stand-Burpees-Air Squats that killed my legs. 

To be honest, I have no idea how many reps I did each time. I tried to count, but I had to focus on keep rocking rep after rep so I lost the count every time.

Today's conclusion is that the weight room is a time machine: the minutes you are working out are way longer than the minutes you have to rest and put your heart back in its place.

Oh, a day like this but 7 months ago I came Canada by the way!!
120 days non-stop doing crossfit. Track'n'Field season is coming soon, I hope my beast mode will be ready for the moment.

Only 3 left, lets crossfit them out!


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